My top tips for revision

Everyone needs a little help with their revision. Here are some top tips to ease the pain and increase your chances of success.

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Balancing studying and extra-curricular activities can be challenging for students. One of the ways I manage to balance my time efficiently is to make a revision timetable to keep track of my commitments. I ensure I am aware of upcoming assignments and prepare days in advance, rather than panicking a few days just before deadlines!

It is also important to work consistently throughout the year so you don’t find yourself rushing your revision at the last minute, which will only lead to stress. Working consistently also helps you identify whether you have any weak spots within a certain module so you are able to discuss this with your module leader or do your research prior to the exam period. 

Staying on top of your work opens up more space for additional activities.  For example, I took a keen interest in netball last year which helped me to keep fit and socialise with my peers. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed being on the team, I found that at times, it could be demanding.  But I had made a commitment to my team to attend practise sessions and games and I ensured that I finished my work before practice. This meant I could enjoy myself more during the matches because I wasn’t bearing the stress of not completing my work. 

Studying should always be a top priority at university, but it is really important to get a good balance because extra curricular activities can help overcome the stress of studying and exams. Extracurricular activities such as sports or music are often a great way to help get rid of those negative feelings. In addition, they are a great chance to meet new people and try new things and there are more than a handful of societies you can sign up to. It also looks great on your CV because it shows you have pursued skills outside of your academic duties, which can help enhance future career prospects.  

Rebecca Croos
College Student Rep 2016, City University

Our student reps are the first people we contact when we want to share key messages with students, and they are able to feed any news, requests, and ideas from their fellow students – and lecturers – back to us. Find out more about our reps.

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