Why you should join OpSoc and other societies

At Cardiff University there are numerous societies that help to pursue your interests. There is a huge range, both sports based and non-sports based, ranging from your classic university rugby club to the baking society!

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These societies give you the opportunity to meet other students with similar hobbies as yourself, and integrate into various social groups. Fresher’s fair held at the beginning of term allows you to explore all the societies available to you, so make sure you go.

When I first started at University I was sceptical on whether joining a society would have any advantages or not. Would it be worth the time I would have to put in to them? Or would they be worth the money I would have to pay in order to join them? In my first year, the only society that I joined was OpSoc - the Optometry society. OpSoc has several benefits, both academic and social. For example, the cheese and wine evenings that occur once a week have given me the opportunity to network with numerous optical companies, as well as gaining insight into what the pre-registration year will be like with each different optometrist. Free pizza is also provided which is always a reason to attend! The OpSoc social secretaries always organise a great night out, and as a fresher these events made it a lot easier to get to know other optometry students. OpSoc is a very close society where everyone comes to know everyone, and students in other years are always willing to help out if you have any questions about both the theory and practical aspects of the course; this becomes very useful during the exam period.

In my second year at university I was keen to join a sport society as I felt that it was really important to have a range of friends, including some from outside optometry. The Tennis Society have weekly tennis matches which allow me to have a break from my workload, as well as an opportunity to socialise with many other university students. Sports societies are important - they help you keep fit, relieve stress and are also just a fun experience. Wednesday nights at Cardiff University are sports society social nights where all the sports societies head over to the Student’s Union.

Being a member of a society gives you the opportunity to become part of the societies committee. This could be anything from a RAG rep to the society’s president. This requires a wide range of skills and although will take up a lot of time, will be incredibly rewarding. It also looks great on your CV!

Annabelle Gorham
Cardiff University