Webinar: Discs and dilemmas - optic nerve head interpretation in the context of glaucoma referral

Dr Paul Spry, Honorary Consultant at Bristol Eye Hospital and Head of the Departments of Shared Care and Visual Electrophysiology presents glaucoma case studies and discusses clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of the scenarios. Test yourself with our multiple choice questions designed especially for students.

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Discs and dilemmas - correct answers

Find out the correct answers

1. Which size of cup would be considered average in a large disc?



2. Which ONE of the following is NOT associated with glaucomatous optic neuropathy

Dimple cupping


3. When assessing the size of the optic disc cup which ONE of the following is the best cue to follow?

The change in direction of the blood vessels within the disc 


4. Which optic disc diameter would be considered large?



5. Which lens used for binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy has a magnification factor of 1x?

Super 66D


6. Which ONE of the following would be least likely to cause a splinter haemorrhage at the disc

Tilted disc

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