Application to extend the Allotted Time

You should complete this form if you are applying to extend the Allotted Time on the Scheme for Registration.

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As per the Scheme for Registration Regulations, the Allotted Time may be extended: following circumstances:

a) where you are a Disabled Person and – as a result of your disability – you are, or will become, unable to pass the Scheme for Registration in the Allotted Time


b) where, due to Exceptional Circumstances you are, or will become, unable to pass the Scheme for Registration in the Allotted Time. 

If you are awarded an extension and then experience additional Exceptional Circumstances, then additional time may be added on to this extension at the absolute discretion of the Appeals Panel. You cannot apply for an additional extension to your already Allotted Time if the Exceptional Circumstances occurred outside of this extended time. 

In order to seek an extension to the allotted time, please fill out the form below, stating your reasons for an extension and the length of the extension requested along with any supporting evidence.

Find out dates of future Examination and Appeal Panels and their corresponding deadline dates.

Description of disability and/or exceptional circumstances

Please attach evidence, in English, of your disability / exceptional circumstances (e.g. letter from healthcare professional, supporting statement from supervisor etc) and list this below. This must be in pdf format.

If you need to submit additional evidence, please email this, in pdf format only, to


The information provided in this form, and any additional supporting information that you provide, will be held by the Education Department at the The College of Optometrists in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. All personal details will be redacted before being presented to the Examinations and / or Appeals Panel.

In considering an application, the panels may request additional information from: a) The Trainee; b) The Trainee's Supervisor; c) The Assessors; d) The Trainee's medical practitioner(s) (providing the Trainee has given consent); e) Any other person whom the Examinations Panel at its absolute discretion considers appropriate. 

This additional information will be shared with the Trainee and the Trainee will be given the opportunity to submit comments in writing on the information before the meeting.