Hospital Eye Service experience

You will increase your breadth of experience and provide evidence of certain patient episodes and a minimum number of refractions and dispensings.

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Many patient episodes will be covered during your training in practice, but the HES experience also provides valuable opportunities. From feedback given by HES managers we know that it is helpful if you are able to let the manager of your HES department know if there are certain kinds of patients you would like to see. They may be able to arrange appointments to coincide with your visit. However, although HES departments are more likely to be able to provide certain types of experience than an average optometry practice, there is no guarantee that you will be able to complete all the patient episodes you wish to during your HES experience. You should, therefore, aim to try and complete as many patient episodes in your own practice as possible. If you are struggling, let your supervisor know.

You can find more detail on the patient episodes/encounters specifically related to the HES experience in the document links below.


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