Ethical scenario 13: Prescribing for patient with cataract and myopic shift

After examining her eyes you find that your patient's cataracts are getting worse. But she is happy with her current prescription. What do you prescribe?

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Jennifer Roberts, aged 84, comes to you for a routine eye examination. She rarely goes out and is not having any problems with her vision. She is retired and does not drive. You previously saw her 14 months ago when you told her she had some cataract in both eyes, but it was not bad enough to refer her at that stage. She has no remarkable history, although she did have a fall a few months ago which resulted in her bruising her arm as she tried to save herself. She is in good health, although she has early Parkinson’s disease. Jennifer tried bifocals many years ago but never got on with them. She reads a lot but lost her reading specs some time ago, but feels that her current (distance) specs seem to be OK for everything. 

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