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23 Mar 2021

AGM and keynote lecture; Is this young child going to be at risk for strabismus or amblyopia?

05 Nov 2019

Woman 'goes BLIND for three weeks after getting excruciating blue tattoos on her eyeballs'

Find out what our Clinical Adviser has to say about a woman temporarily losing her vision following an eye tattoo procedure.

25 Oct 2017

Using evidence in Practice - Blue-blocking spectacle lenses - full document

This document sets out a summary of evidence for you on blue-blocking spectacle lenses.

25 Oct 2017

Using evidence in practice - Blue-blocking spectacle lenses - summary document

Fact sheet on using evidence in practice - blue-blocking spectacle lenses.

14 Feb 2020

Blue blocking spectacle lenses

The College's position on blue blocking spectacle lenses

30 Apr 2021

Blue-light filtering ophthalmic lenses: to prescribe, or not to prescribe?

30 Apr 2021

Insights into Australian optometrists’ knowledge and attitude towards prescribing blue light‐blocking ophthalmic devices

Blue light-blocking lens prescribing trends of Australian optometrists reflect the inconclusive nature of aspects of the evidence.

31 Jul 2019

C-72107 - Has SLT study shed new light on treating eye conditions?

Graham Clews reports on the potential impact of SLT, as a study finds it could reduce the need for traditional treatments for glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

30 Jul 2020

Let there be light: vision in animals

Kim Thomas looks at the genesis of the eye and the rich variety of optical systems in the animal kingdom.

01 Oct 2004

Light sources for use in areas used for colour vision examination

Whether or not an individual with defective colour vision is capable of carrying out a particular occupation satisfactorily depends on the defect and the importance of accurate colour discrimination in the task to hand.

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