College Committees

Our Committees are made up of a representative cross-section of Council members and play a key role in developing College policy.

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Education and Standards Committee

The Education and Standards Committee advises the Board on all aspects of professional standards for optometrists, as well as standards for optometric education, training and assessment.

Governance Group

The College's Governance Group is responsible for drafting the regulations required to implement any changes to the committee structure and for drafting, or amending, governance documents.

Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Code of Conduct Committee hears any complaint against a member, referred to the Committee by the Chief Executive, who is alleged to have breached the College’s Code of Conduct, and then determines an appropriate sanction.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee considers the appropriate payment of fees to the President, the Vice-President, the Immediate Past President, the Treasurer and the Chair of the College for time spent carrying out their duties.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is a key support in the College’s work to build the evidence base for optometry and in developing and implementing our research strategy.

Lay Advisory Panel

We want to encourage our members to involve patients in all aspects of their care and the development of eye care services, and the Lay Advisory Panel play a key role in achieving this.