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There are 35 regionally elected members of Council representing members working in a range of settings in all areas of the UK. In this section you will find details of your local Council members and how to contact them.

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College Council sets the strategic and professional direction of the College. Our Council members act as the conscience of the College, ensuring that we remain true to our principles and accountable to our members. They also act as ambassadors for colleagues in their region by sharing the College’s thinking, direction and activity, and communicating the feedback, views and ideas of their constituents with us.

We aim to ensure that our Council reflects our membership and we currently have Council members working in independent and multiple practices and hospital optometrists, from qualification to retirement. Our Council members represent a total of 12 regions in the UK and are elected by members living and working in their region. Council members can also be elected to sit on our six committees.

The Council has a maximum of 40 members:

  • 35 of are elected on a regional basis by members living or working in that region
  • four are nominated by the College’s Lay Advisory Panel
  • one is nominated by the Optometry Schools Council (OSC).

Plus three Early Career Representatives (observers).

Council meets three times a year.

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Yorkshire and the Humber

Yorkshire and Humber Council members


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