College Reference Groups

Our reference groups represent patients and optometrists. They are a useful sounding board for the College and their feedback, ideas and questions play an essential part in shaping our work.

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Reference group members are committed and dedicated volunteers who want to make sure that the views and experiences of their constituents are recognised. We endeavour to involve them in a number of projects and their feedback has helped to shape our events, communications, projects and plans.

Each of our reference groups provide a unique and valuable perspective on their experiences of optometry and the College. If you would like to volunteer to join a reference group, or have a question, idea or point of view, we would love to hear from you:



I feel that newly qualified optometrists opinions differ from those of other optometrists.  It's very important that they are listened to as, in the years to come, we will be the people driving the profession forwards. Joining the NQO reference group was an opportunity to speak up and give my opinions. As a member of the group, I receive emails throughout the year asking for feedback on a range of matters from legislation guidance to new leaflets. At the annual meetings there are more opportunities to give an opinion on upcoming matters and to raise any personal concerns or queries. I have seen many of the points raised being addressed and it is very rewarding to see the College take on board and act on the issues that we feel are the most important.’ 

Gilly McNab MCOptom , NQO Reference Group member