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The College of Optometrists is recruiting for its Public Patients Reference Group (PPRG)

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In 2012, we set up our Public Patients Reference Group (PPRG) to increase the ways in which we obtained input from patients and the public to our policies, guidance, and patient resources. As the terms of many of the current members are now coming to an end, we would like to use this opportunity to invite applications from patients and carers to join the PPRG.


The Group meets once a year at the College of Optometrists building in London. The rest of the year, we circulate documents to members of the Group for comment, and sometimes ask members to meet on a one-off basis to discuss a particular issue, or to join a working group.


We ask members of the Group to consider a range of issues and review information in areas such as patient information, guidance for optometrists and various aspects of policy and research work.


We are seeking 25 patients or carers from a range of backgrounds and from across the UK who:


  • Have experience of optometric care either as patients or carers
  • Are prepared to evaluate and comment on a range of issues relevant to patients whilst keeping the bigger picture in mind
  • Can communicate their views clearly and with respect for other people’s views

Commitment will be for two years at a time, and will be eligible for renewal up to a maximum of six years.


We are unable to pay an honorarium for work undertaken at home. However, we will pay an honorarium of £200 a day or £100 a half day for attendance at meetings, and travel expenses in line with our Standing Orders.


If you are interested in joining our PPRG, please complete and submit the application form below by Tuesday 15th January


Please detail below any relevant experience you believe will assist you in being a volunteer member of the Public Patients Reference Group, including:

  • good links within other members of the population covered by the Group
  • a good understanding of the role and work of the College
  • an ability to communicate your views clearly and with respect for other people’s views.

Please set out the names and contact details of two referees

Referee 1
Referee 2

I declare that the information I have given in this form is accurate and true. I understand that providing misleading or false information will disqualify me from being a volunteer member of a College Reference Group.

I declare that I understand that this is not an application for employment, and that I am not entitled to any of the benefits or entitlements that employees, or other types of worker, enjoy. I understand that my services are provided without obligation by me or the College of Optometrists.