Optometry Tomorrow 2019: top picks from the programme

The full programme for Optometry Tomorrow has been released and with the event set for February, there's not long to wait. Here are three sessions our Clinical Adviser is particularly looking forward to.

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Author: Daniel Hardiman-McCartney MCOptom, Clinical adviser 
Date: 12 December 2018

The primary care optometrist in me is looking forward to hear from Dr Deanna Taylor on their research into the real world effects of living with AMD. Challenging the terminology and descriptions that we commonly use in practice to describe AMD, I am sure the session will be both thought-provoking and useful to know how can meaningfully discuss the potential effects of AMD with our patients. 
Real world effects of living with AMD. 
Dr Deanna Taylor, Venessa Camp and Jane Johns 
Sunday 24th February

Professor John Lawrenson is bridging the gap between research and clinical practice. Evidence-based practice brings together patient preference, clinical experience and research evidence into the decision-making process, easier said than done. With the need to ensure patients are both informed and involved in their care combined with our desire to deliver the most up to date care- I hope this session will help make it a little bit easier in practice and help signpost the sources of information we can most trust. 
Bridging the gap between research and clinical practice
Professor John Lawrenson 
Sunday 24th February 

We are all talking about Myopia control. The research is encouraging and the public health benefit clear, so when will optometrists start prescribing anti-myopia therapies as part of our routine management of myopic children? To find out what we know, what we do not know and what we need to know before we can take the next steps into preventive treatments this panel is one to attend. With some of the UK leading experts; Prof Katheryn Saunders, Dr Nicola Logan and Prof Chris Hammond, I am sure it will be illuminating. 
Myopia expert panel
Professor Katharyn Saunders,
Dr Nicola Logan & Professor Chris Hammond
Sunday 24th February 

View the Optometry Tomorrow 2019 programme.

Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom
Clinical Adviser, The College of Optometrists

Daniel graduated from Anglia Ruskin University, where he won the Haag Strait prize for best dissertation. Before joining the College, he was Managing Director of an independent practice in Cambridge and a visiting clinician at Anglia Ruskin University. He has also worked as a senior glaucoma optometrist with Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, with Newmedica across East Anglia and as a diabetic retinopathy screening optometrist. Daniel was a member of Cambridgeshire LOC from 2007 to 2015 and a member of the College of Optometrists’ Council from 2009 to 2014, representing its Eastern region.  

He is Clinical Adviser to the College of Optometrists for four days each week, dividing the remainder of his time between primary care practice and glaucoma community clinics. Daniel is a passionate advocate of the profession of optometry, committed to supporting all members of the profession and ensuring patient care is always at the heart of optometry. He was awarded Fellowship by Portfolio in December 2018.


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