Latest OSCE results announced by the College of Optometrists

  • 14 Aug 2017

The results are in for the College of Optometrists’ latest OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination).

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326 candidates sat the OSCE in July – the Scheme for Registration’s final assessment – resulting in a pass rate of 70%. This is in line with previous pass rates for this time of year.

The OSCE consists of 17 five-minute stations, made up of 16 clinical tasks and a rest station. Each station assesses the candidates’ skills, including history taking, communication, data interpretation, clinical examination and practical skills.

During the OSCE, which took place at the Royal College of General Practitioners, candidates may be tested on any of the stage two elements of competence set out by the General Optical Council. This assessment acts as a final check that competence across the framework has been achieved and maintained.

Ariella Carr MCOptom passed the OSCE in July, she said: “"I'm thrilled to have passed the final exam. After all the years of hard work it's great to finally be a qualified Optometrist. I am excited for the road ahead, and to keep learning and developing my skills. I couldn't be happier with my choice of career."

The College’s Head of Assessment, Joseph Oakley, commented: “Congratulations to everyone who has now completed the Scheme for Registration and welcome to the profession! Passing the OSCE is the final hurdle of a challenging, but rewarding, assessment programme which ensures all new entrants have met the high standards required to begin their careers as qualified optometrists. These newly qualified practitioners are entering the profession at an exciting time and will help shape the future of optometry using the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout the Scheme for Registration.”

The College has hosted four OSCEs a year since its inception in July 2010.



Notes to editors

  1. The College is the professional body for optometry. It qualifies the profession and delivers the guidance and training to ensure optometrists provide the best possible care. We promote excellence through the College’s affixes, by building the evidence base for optometry, and raising awareness of the profession with the public, commissioners, and health care professionals.
  2. The first OSCE was held in July 2010, with a pass rate of 78%.
  3. The OCSE is the last step in the College’s Scheme for Registration. The Scheme is a structured and supported route that gives trainees the chance to put into practice the skills learnt at university in a safe environment. With the support of a supervisor and the College assessment team, trainees are assessed against the Stage 2 competencies set out by the General Optical Council.
  4. The next OSCE will take place in September 2017. 
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