Vision and driving in the latest Optometry in Practice

  • 16 Mar 2020

Our latest issue of Optometry in Practice looks at contributing factors to road traffic accidents

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Recent guidance from the DVLA and the GOC have again highlighted the important role that optometrists have to play in assessing visual fitness to drive. 
The latest issue of Optometry in Practice features a retrospective study on contributing factors to road traffic accidents resulting in injuries in Great Britain. Researchers used police data to compare collisions involving older and younger drivers and found that drivers over 60 were more likely to be assigned vision and health-related contributing factors than younger drivers. This study emphasises a clear need to promote the importance of regular eye examinations and the wearing of corrective lenses, particularly to older drivers. Read the study and complete the multiple choice questions to earn one non-interactive CET point.
Help your patients understanding the importance of good vision when driving with our free driving and vision leaflets – available for members to order now. Our public website - - also has information on driving that is free and accessible for patients.
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