London Museums of Health and Medicine

The London Museums of Health and Medicine (LMoHM) is a consortium of specialist museums in the British capital, several of which, like the BOA Museum, are to be found housed in the headquarters of medical examining colleges and professional bodies. The group was founded in 1991 and our museum has been a member since 1998.

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All LMoHM museums are open to the general public although opening arrangements vary considerably between them. For more information, including a programme of events and exhibitions go to the LMoHM website

LMoHM group publicity leaflet 2017

The LMoHM produces a joint leaflet, of which this is the latest version (June 2017). Copies of the leaflet may be obtained from member museums. It gives a brief overview of each member organisation's collection, public opening times, accessibility information and relevant contact details.

The BOA Museum Curator was the Chairman of the LMoHM Group for the term of office June 2011-2014. Previously he was Secretary to the group from 2000-2003 and remained an active participant in group activities, acting as its webmaster until the start of 2010 and overseeing the launch of a revised website which took place in August 2009, a version which lasted until August 2016.

The group also participates in heritage events such as the 'London Maze' local history event at Guildhall where you can learn how to roll pills, what went inside a red cross aid package and how to conduct an early Victorian amputation. It organises its own 'Hands On' event at a different venue each year.

Enquiries about the LMoHM group should be directed via the LMoHM website or sent to the current Chairman, Katie Dabin.