Art restoration

Meet the professional restorer who transformed some of our most impressive exhibits, making them fit to be seen once more

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Jennifer Ridd in 2014
Mrs Jennifer Ridd, principal
art restorer for the College
since 1992, pictured in the
Print Room

The College possesses a rich heritage of two-dimensional works, on paper, panel, board, card, fabric and canvas to name but a few of the relevant media. Since the early 1990s the College has worked with professional art restorer Jennifer Ridd to conserve and/or restore these items, and to mount and frame them for display.

In addition to the restoration work that Jennifer carries out herself on paintings and picture frames, she assists the museum to commission paper conservators to treat the antique print collection, historic photographs and (horror of horrors) those pages originally from rare books that have been ripped out by previous unthinking generations and are now classified as pictorial works.

Jennifer's work on the College collection of paintings won praise from the then deputy director of the National Gallery (now its Director) Dr Nicholas Penny, who commented that the College had got its approach 'just right' avoiding over-cleaning and restoring when necessary to a high standard that would be almost undetectable except to a real expert. We had him convinced that a frame Mrs Ridd sourced for us to match our painting of A Spanish Gentleman was the original frame for that painting!

You can also see the touch of Mrs Ridd in our College Library where sight testing charts have been float-mounted and then framed in materials matching the woodwork of the bookshelves, making decorative display items out of what were originally functional working objects.

Jennifer Ridd demonstrating house keeping methods
Mrs Ridd has also advised the
College on appropriate house
keeping techniques to ensure that
our works of art continue to look
their best whilst being preserved
for future generations to enjoy

Her proudest achievement has been collaborating with the museum curator since 1998 on the conceptualisation and ultimate realisation of the College's first floor Print Room in which a Georgian hanging arrangement is re-interpreted for the 21st century and in which all of the frames are modern, though sometimes utilising re-configured historic components.

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