Pickwick Capers

We like to offer guests a cup of tea, but not from the ornamental pots in our collection. One such English Staffordshire ware pot was fired in the shape of the Dickensian character Mr Pickwick, with his arm as the spout and his head as the lid. This lid was cracked...an unfortunate situation since it was the presence of his oval eye spectacles in this position that made the object relevant to us.

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Animated gif of restored teapot lid

The animation shows before and after shots of the expert repair job carried out for us by a porcelain restorer.

The rest of the pot, including a representation of a monocle on a cord and the inscription 'Mr Pickwick proposes a toast' required no intervention. This is another example, therefore, where restoration of just a tiny area can have a proportionately greater benefit.

To find out more about a rare porcelain item that we have had wonderfully, but more extensively restored, see our feature on the figurine known as Count Bruhl's Tailor.