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In the museum we keep a Visitor Book, which many of the top people in optics have signed as well as several of the media personalities who have visited in the course of recording radio and television programmes. If you would prefer to offer private feedback there are comments slips that you can fill in and post in the box.

However you use the museum, as a visitor, web-user or as a correspondent, we want to hear what you think about our services, so please get in touch and share your thoughts, especially about any improvements we might make.

Some feedback from our visitors...

Thank you very much for showing us around your lovely museum! It is not great (in tems of size), but it is very great indeed in terms of being one of its kind! We are still living through that amazing experience where history meets presence and where it truly comes alive. Your museum has got a spirit that not many museums can be proud of, because you cannot 'create it', it neeeds to create itself on its own - and in your case it certainly did. Many thanks for giving us your precious time, passing on your passion for everything that is connected to wonderful eyes and spectacular spectacles!
L and R from Czech Republic, August 2017

Some feedback from our enquirers....

Thank you very much for the information, and for the chapter, it made very interesting reading.
MB, Spalding, Lincolnshire, June 2016

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply so promptly and with such good information.
AM, January 2016

You were so kind to send the information about watch lorgnettes to me.
I certainly asked the right person!

SD, Florida, USA, August 2015

"Wonderful! That (scan of a photograph) has saved me many hours that would have been spent shuffling though the library archive"
JG, City University, January 2014

"Thanks so much for sending the article over. It’s a really interesting little piece and a great source..."
AW,  Swansea, December 2013

"Just wanted to say thank you for your time and advice regarding the spyglass"
GA (via the website), June 2013

"Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful response to my question...I appreciate your help sir"
SJ, son of an optometrist, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, March 2012

"I'm a stickler for accuracy and very much appreciate your help"
AP, Charleston, Illinois, USA, October 2011

"Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply. I found the book online (once I knew what to look for) and it was very helpful!"
CE, New Jersey, USA, April 2011

"The photocopies I requested arrived today, for which many thanks. Brilliant service!"
ST, Emmendingen, Germany, June 2010 

"Thank you so much for your reply and information."
Optometrist, California, USA, August 2007

"My deepest and sincerest gratitude for your stirling scholarship
on the historical details of E_ P_."

Professor, Melbourne, Australia, June 2007

"Just to say thank you for showing me the picture and also the very interesting tour of your collection."
Artist's descendant, London, May 2007

"Really useful for research."
Novelist, London SW4, April 2006

"Though my interests may be more narrow, I found ALL of your site to be very interesting."
Military Re-enactor, Indiana, USA, July 2004

"The information you supplied was fascinating"
SG, Levenshulme, Manchester, February 2003

"If only University staff were half as helpful!!!"
Postgraduate Design Student, Merseyside, January 2003