Standards of Service

The College welcomes all potential users of the British Optical Association Museum.

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Our aim is to provide you with an excellent heritage service and comply, in as far as resources permit, with the following standards:

We will try to make our collections more accessible to people of all ages and abilities. (The College has a formal Museum Access Policy Statement).

We aim to justify our reputation as a museum of national and international importance for its specialist subject. This aim will inform all our actions in displaying, interpreting and caring for our historic collections.

We will consult with our users. Feedback on our services is welcome and will help us improve our service in the future. We will maintain a visitor book and comments cards and will encourage electronic feedback via the museum website.

We will publicise our collections and the services and facilities we offer. We plan to provide certain basic information in a variety of written and non-written formats and, where appropriate, in languages other than English.

We will draw proper attention to opening times and the costs involved in any special events.

We will deal promptly and courteously with all enquiries. We aim to answer most letters and e-mails within 10 working days. We will acknowledge all telephone messages. If we cannot provide a satisfactory response we will endeavour to suggest an alternative source of the information you require.

The College endorses the Museum Association's Code of Ethics for Museums. We will endeavour to carry out all our work in line with this code and will require all contractors acting on behalf of the museum to do likewise.

The College operates to a set of agreed values that apply as much to our museum visitors as to our other users. These Values are therefore reproduced below:

Our values underpin everything we do. They set out what we expect of everyone who is involved in the College. No one section is more important than the other. Council will review these Values every year.

Customer Focus

•    We provide high-quality service to our members, our colleagues, our working partners and the public.
•    We put the needs of our members first, so that they in turn can put the needs of their patients first.
•    We encourage, listen to and act upon the feedback we receive.


•    We show respect and consideration in our dealings with each other, our members, working partners and the public.
•    We show respect in the way we talk and listen to each other.
•    We speak positively and supportively about each other when we are apart.
•    We show respect for and value everyone for their diverse backgrounds, experience, styles, approaches and ideas.
•    We treat everyone fairly.


•    We are honest in everything we say and do.
•    We say what we will do, and we do it.
•    We accept responsibility for our own actions.
•    We use fair, open and transparent governance, management and administration processes.


•    We encourage each other to fulfil our potential.
•    We are positive in the way we talk about the College.
•    We value and protect the College’s reputation and heritage.
•    We show pride in who we are and what we do.
•    We learn from our mistakes.
•    We actively engage in discussions and support decisions once they are made.


•    We display openness and willingness to learn from anyone, anywhere.
•    We embrace new ideas and change, and look forwards.
•    We are committed to our own development, both personal and professional.

Our Museum Access Policy is reviewed every five years and is a public document. The latest version was approved in July 2019.