Doctor Cupid

This is a small but quirky Meissen figurine from circa 1750 which goes under the name of 'Doctor Cupid'. He must be the original Love Doctor, predating Barry White by over two centuries.

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Meissen figurine circa 1750 Naturally the museum collected the piece, back in October 1937, on account of the green-glazed nose spectacles. It cost the Association £12, though on this occasion they secured a 15% discount!

Other medical historians with that kind of money to spare might have paid more attention to what the winged Doctor is holding; it appears to be an enema syringe. The quiver for his love arrows has been discarded and rests against the gilded 'lappet' base. He is also wearing the mauve robes which would have been associated with a German judge of the period though the significance of that is anyone's guess.

Altogether this is a delightful piece but possibly not something to give your lover.