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We present for your delight a broad definition of what constitutes optical entertainment. Not all of it is savoury, but it all involves lenses or visual effects...

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Opera glasses

The first binoculars were for use indoors.


A spyglass is simply a small telescope. Specialist collectors reserve the word to describe items such as you see here. They would not use it to describe a pirate's nautical telescope (pub names in 'Treasure Island' not withstanding).

Jealousy glasses

A sneaky sideways peak

Optical fans

We invite all our online visitors to join the optical fan club. Then you can take part in a game of hide...and see.

Sporting eyewear

Today, sports vision is a specialist area of optometry, but eyewear has been used in a variety of sporting and exercise contexts for longer than you might imagine....

Optical toys

It's playtime at the museum.

Optical illusions

All is not as it may appear.


When optometry becomes child's play.

Sight and music

A multi-sensory experience.

Board and card games

Competition, gambling, education and fun.

Binoculars and field glasses

Two eyes are better than one.