Virtual print room gallery

In the Print Room you will find images to delight the eye. Many of them are about the eye. All have some optical relevance. So do some of the print frames! You'll also discover that the method of hanging an historic print room could provide a visual feast in itself.

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Explore the following pages in this virtual gallery

Antique prints and print rooms

Print Rooms flourished in the second half of the 18th century.

The College of Optometrists Print Room

Our amazing display wall of optically-themed prints.

The Scholars on their Travels

Optical devices in use in the Tropics.

Drawn from nature and as large as life

The lifesize print portraits of Thomas Frye.

A spectacle of spectacles

One print in our collection illustrates no fewer than five visual aids used in the nineteenth century. It's really worth a more detailed look.

Eye Spy on you

Vanity Fair cartoons of eminent Victorians.

Scarlett Trade Card

The oldest known advertisement for spectacles with sides.