The College of Optometrists Print Room

Our amazing display wall of optically-themed prints.

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There are currently fifty four prints on display in the Print Room and another eight elsewhere in the building. This is liable to change but here is a recent handlist:

  • Fine Arts, Parts 1 (Poetry), 2 (Painting), 3 (Sculpture), and 4 (Music)
    Henry Holland, 1826
  • Le Retour de Paris or the Niece presented to her Relatives by her French Governess
    George Cruikshank, 1816
  • Monstrosities of 1824 pt 7
    George Cruikshank, 1835
  • The Chancellor of the Inquisition Marking the Incorrigibles
    James Gillray, 1793
  • Le Bourg-Mestre (The Burgomaster)
    after Adrian van Ostade
  • The Bengal Levee
    James Gillray, after James Mofatt, 1792
  • A Cognocenti contemplating ye beauties of ye Antique
    James Gillray, 1801
  • Gius Nogari Ein Mannlicher Kopf (A Male Head)
  • A Faun as Physician
    Jac. Picinus and Bartholomus Sprangers, after Muller, 1625
  • L'Optique (Optics)
    Jacques de Lajoüe, 18th c.
  • Economical Spectacles / The Prosperity of the Netherlands
    18th c. English School, 18th c.
  • Quo venatores oculos lavere catino..
    Philip Galle, after Joannes Stradanus, 17th c.
  • James Smith Artificial Eye Maker at the Brunswick Coffee House in Fleet-Street
    John Pine, 1717
  • Habit de Marchand Miroities Lunettier (The Spectacle and Mirror Vendor)
    G. Valek, after Nicholas d'Armessan, 19th c. copy of original c.1680
  • Ignis
    Crispin Van de Passe, after Martin Le Voss, 18th c.
  • John Bull bother'd or The Geese Alarming the Capitol
    James Gillray, 1792
  • A Pair of Spectacles Easily Seen Through
    W. Heath, 1830
  • Soo D'oude Songen Soo Pepen de Jongen (Whilst the Old Sing the Young Pipe)
    A. Bloteling, after Jacob Jordaens, 18th c.
  • Le Bassin
    Robert Nanteuil, 17th c.
  • Siet hoe ick katten vang / om te veilen Muise Prang (The Mousetrap Seller)
    School of Pieter Breughel, 17th c.
  • Qui conque admire la valeur.. (A 16th c. Spanish Gallant)
    Jean Mariette, 17th-18th c.
  • Long Thomas & Mad_le G_D going to the Pantheon
    William Austin, 1773
  • Seeing
    Johannes Kip, 18th c.
  • A Peep at Christies or Tally Ho & his Nimeney-pimmeney taking the morning lounge
    James Gillray, 1796
  • Der Winter
    17th c. German School, 17th c.
  • Push Pin
    James Gillray, 1797
  • Le Concert de Famille
    I. G. Wille, after G. Schalken, 18th c.
  • The Old Spectacle Shop (trade card)
    Edward Scarlett, c.1730
  • Coral Divers
    Ioan Galle, after Joannes Stradanus, 17th c.
  • Aspersa vino tersaque ova vermium..
    Philip Galle, after Joannes Stradanus, 17th c.
  • Thomas Willis LLD
    C. Turner, after C. W. Pegler, 1827
  • Half an Hour Before Dinner
    Late 18th c. Satirical School
  • The Magic Lantern
    Isaak Haid
  • John Taylor
    R. Cooper, after W. de Nune, mid 18th c.
  • Caricatures du Jour - Les Amateurs D'Eclipse
    de van Lier freres, 19th c.
  • The Rev. Robert Taylor AB & MRCS
    T. Smith, 19th c.
  • Masquerade of Three Persons
    Jacob de Gheyn, 16th / 17th c.
  • Een Bijschrift Bij Een Plaatje
    I. M. Baumann, after Lafosse, 1840
  • Seeing
    Early 19th c. Satirical School, 19th c.
  • The Ray of Hope
    P. Roberts and Woodward, 18th c.
  • Jeune Joueur D'Instrument (The Young Instrument Player)
    Jean Georges Wille after G. Schalken, mid 18th c.
  • Living made Easy - Revolving Hat
    Netherclift, 1830
  • Living made Easy - Dinner Glass to make a Lark Look Like a Capon
    McLean, 1830
  • The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver
    James Gillray, 1803
  • The Kentish Hop Merchant and the Lecturer on Optics
    Isaac Cruikshank, 1800
  • Parsons in Full Scent
    Early 19th c. Satirical School, 1803
  • Witches in a Hayloft
    Thomas Rowlandson, 1813
  • Business and Pleasure
    Woodward, after Thomas Rowlandson, 18th c.
  • La Vue
    Le Prince, 1774
  • The Whole Truth or John Bull with his eyes opened
    Early 19th c. Satirical School, 1823
  • Attraction - or Love at first sight
    J.J., 1819
  • Man holding nose spectacles
    Thomas Frye, 18th c.
  • Smelling out a Rat - or - The Atheistical Revolutionist disturbed in his Midnight Calculations
    ?, 1790
  • Comedy in the Country
    Thomas Rowlandson, 1807

Elsewhere in the building:

  • Triptych - The Story of Chushingura, Act VII.
    Kunisada Kachòro, 1840
  • John Dalton 1766-1844
    19th c. School
  • Miss Kelly in the Character of Lady Savage
    F. W. Wilkin, 19th c.
  • Helmholtz
    Ludwig Knaus, Post 1887
  • Sr Isaac Newton
    John Faber, after J. Vanderbank, 18th c.
  • Cuthbert Collingwood, Baron Collingwood
    W. Finden, 1810
  • Peter Rainier Esq
    after Thomas Hickey (?), 18th c.
  • Pit Boxes & Gallery
    George Cruikshank, 1836 

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