Frame Us (Little Brother) - (Current Exhibition)

Drawings of spectacles by the famous become 'frame us'

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Simon Murray, a.k.a "Mr Specs" has been collecting spectacles for over forty years in his role as a costumier and supplier of props to the film industry. His collection covers 230 years of eyewear styles, including genuine antique and vintage frames and historically accurate reproductions. For the past twenty years he has also encouraged the celebrities he has met in the course of his professional work to draw their own spectacles - the more imaginative the better - on any piece of paper they have lying to hand.

In June 2020 an exhibition of some of these drawings was due to take place at a gallery in Marylebone, London. To be called Frame Us, the exhibition was also to feature actual frames of the rich and famous as well as spec-tacular stars of the silver screen. After the exhibition the celebrity drawings were to be sold for charity.

In preparation for this event the British Optical Association Museum at the College of Optometrists mounted a small parallel exhibition - Frame Us (Little Brother). This marked the fact that the celebrity drawings have all been scanned and the museum will retain the electronic archive of them for posterity. 

The exhibition was due to open on Wednesday 1 April (April Fools day). As Simon says, he always does things to mark his Mum's birthday and "You'd be a fool not to come". Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus (COVid-19) the museum is currently closed to visitors until further notice, but the exhibition had been installed by late March and will be awaiting viewers as soon as we re-open. It consists of reproductions of the celebrity drawings, spread across the bookshelves in the College Library.

Meanwhile the larger exhibition at an external venue is provisionally re-scheduled for April 2021 and we will post further details when we have them.