Patrice Moor 'Artist in Residence'

This exhibition ran from 9 July until 21 December 2012. It featured two paintings and one multi-part work inspired by the museum collections...

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From mid-February to mid-May 2012 Patrice Moor was artist-in-residence at the College museum and produced three brand new works inspired by the collections. This exhibition represented the museum's second collaboration with a contemporary artist following the lead set by Derek Ogbourne in 2009/10.

Patrice Moor in her studio

Patrice Moor photographed in her studio by
Elena Alhimovich. The painting The Curator's
is on the large easel and The Beholder's
is on the smaller easel behind her head

Patrice Moor writes (June 2012):

Having the opportunity to work at British Optical Association Museum for the last three months has been an enriching experience for my work. The museum is a treasure trove of evocative objects, and all of them have their stories. The most challenging part of the residency was choosing, from the myriad of ideas of paintings I had, which one I was going to pursue.
I decided early on to do a painting of Neil Handley's hand, as I felt that his connection and input in the museum was very strong. He is an integral part of the museum. So the first painting I painted was The Curator's Hand.
My long-standing interest in skulls drew me to the one skull in the collection and I chose to concentrate on the eye socket with its plastic eye, this painting is entitled The Beholder's Eye.
Finally I was drawn to a small old box of wooden painted retinas, showing various diseases.  I chose to loosely interpret eleven of those and the result is Line of Vision.