England Vision Strategy Priorities Consultation

Our response to the consultation on the England Vision Strategy Priorities, addressing problems faced by individuals with sightloss, and promoting good eye health (February 2018).

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The current England Vision Strategy Priorities were launched In May 2015 to address the problems faced on a daily basis by individuals with sight loss and to promote the importance of maintaining good eye health.

England Vision Strategy sought views on any changes that needed to be made to the England Vision Strategy priorities to make them fit for purpose for the period 2018 to 2021. This was our response:

We would suggest that England Vision Strategy (EVS) priorities be re-organised under three distinct headlines that cover the full eye health pathway. These could then have subheadlines that provide more detail on what the EVS wants to achieve:

1. Prevention – Improve the nation’s health and prevent sight loss

1.1. General population

1.2. Seldom heard groups

2. Diagnosis and treatment – Ensure timely treatment for people with sight-threatening conditions

2.1. Development of a consistent strategy for eye health commissioning

2.2. Addressing the capacity issues in hospital eye services

3. Habilitation and rehabilitation – Put in place practical and emotional support post diagnosis

We believe that this would improve the clarity of the EVS priorities by distilling them into core concepts, making them more memorable and focused, and would align them with the Vision UK priority areas. Many sector organisations including The College of Optometrists, the Clinical Council of Eye Health Commissioning, The Royal National Institute of Blind People, and the Local Optical Committee Support Unit are continuing to produce work in these areas. In light of this EVS may want to look at their strategy for ensuring that priorities are allocated appropriately and progressed.