Age UK Hull Falls Prevention Team

Covers: Hull CCG

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Service name: Age UK Hull Falls Prevention Team

Address:  Bradbury House, Porter Street, Hull HU1 2RH



Contact phone number: 01482 591523

Region/Health Board/CCG:  Hull

Method(s) of referral: 

  • GP 
  • Self-referral  
  • Secondary care 

Other information: 
The most common causes of a fall can include environmental hazards such as loose flooring, clutter, weak muscles, poor balance, multiple medications and poor health. While most falls do not result in a serious injury, a fear of falling can reduce confidence and may affect independence. This can reduce social contact and potentially lead to isolation and depression.

There are many practical things you can do to prevent a fall. If you have had a fall or know someone who has, or would just like some practical advise on how to prevent falls, we can help.