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If you would like to be included in the Falls directory, please complete this Falls directory listing submission form.

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Failing vision can significantly increase the risk of falling, especially in older people.  Optometrists in the UK perform over 20 million sight tests each year which marks a significant level of contact with patients who are at greater risk of taking a fall.

We are encouraging optometrists to focus on falls in their practice and the local community by highlighting that there is much that can be done to support falls teams in preventing vision-related falls.  

In order that community optometrists can support and refer “at risk” patients, we are asking falls service teams to register their details using the form below, so that we can publish a directory in the Vision and Falls section of our website that optometrists can use in daily practice. 

Optometrists can support the dedicated care offered by falls services through helping with eye examinations, supporting referrals and even advising on patient home assessments. 

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