About the research strategy
The College’s Research strategy 2020-2025 sets out how the College will approach research over the next five years, in line with the four pillars of our strategic plan:

•    Defining and inspiring excellence in optometry. 
•    Enabling optometrists to maximise their skills and develop their careers.
•    Representing and amplifying the expert voices of optometrists.
•    Embedding insight and evidence at the centre of the profession.

Within the strategy we set out how we will use research to meet our strategic objectives, and why research remains a key element in the College’s work as your professional body. 

“The College has a long history of promoting and supporting research."

Mike Bowen, Director of Research

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Delivering Evidence

Our priorities for this area of work currently include:

  • evidence relating to the expanding scope of practice for optometrists
  • evidence for new models of eye and vision care and optometry
  • data about the optometric workforce to inform development of and planning for future services
  • investigating advanced practice and CPD for the profession
  • gathering evidence to inform the next stages of the Educational Strategic Review.

Increasing impact

In this area our priorities are:

  • promoting optometric research
  • increasing the awareness of and access to research on the impact of optometry on ocular and visual health
  • sustaining and promoting Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics (OPO) position as the leading optometry research journal in the world
  • sharing research findings with the public
  • managing the profession’s knowledge effectively.

Translating for practice

We will be prioritising the following:

•    developing the College as a hub for researchers and clinicians to share ideas, and ask and answer key questions
•    creating blogs, podcasts, videos and briefings to give members access to key research findings
•    highlighting new research published in OPO in plain English summaries for non-research audiences
•    developing Optometry in Practice as an online resource.

Building capacity

Priorities for this area are:

•    involving members in research
•    increasing funding for optometric researchers
•    developing resources to support optometrists’ CPD in research skills
•    leading partnerships that allow optometrists to use and develop research skills
•    developing future leaders in the profession
•    increasing equality and accessibility in our research and in research across the sector.