The Post Doctorate Award fund

Your opportunity to support a new generation of researchers.

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The College of Optometrists’ Post Doctorate Award fund will support an optometrist embarking on a career in clinical research, and provides a great opportunity for you to play a significant role in their future and the future of your profession.

Every year, the College provides financial support to talented and committed researchers undertaking ground-breaking research within universities. Their work is building the scientific evidence base for optometry, increasing our understanding of a range of eye conditions and enabling optometrists to deliver high-quality patient care. With your help, we can increase the number of researchers we support.  

How can I get involved?  

We are making £20,000 available to an optometrist who has completed a PhD and is looking for financial support for a clinically-focused research project. We’re seeking £10,000 from our members, which we will match with another £10,000, to make this happen. You can choose how much you would like to donate to the match-fund (suggested donation of £5.00 – less than the cost of a cinema ticket or two high street coffees). 

As a donor, you will receive regular updates about the award, so you can see how your support is contributing to essential research and high-quality eye care for all. 

Which areas of research are being supported? 

And when you donate, you can also tell us which area of research we should support with the Award:

  • Dispensing safety spectacles: including patient need, current recommendations and barriers to prescribing.
  • Swollen optic nerves and referral thresholds: including current attitudes to optic discs and their referral, and how borderline cases are treated.
  • Perceptions of eye care professionals: how the public perceive optometrists compared to other health and eye professionals, and how education or intervention might change those perceptions.
  • Increasing equity of access to eye care: which interventions will increase access to eye care for hard to reach groups?

If we don’t raise enough money for the award, we will use your donation to support our Postgraduate Scholarships (PhDs).

Support a new generation of researchers in advancing your profession.



I firmly believe that the College plays a pivotal role in developing the evidence base for our profession. The postgraduate student bursary I received from the College allowed me to undertake a research project evaluating and comparing how effectively high-order aberrations could be corrected for in patients with keratoconus with contact lenses.

Dr Amit Jinabhai MCOptom