Join the Newly Qualified Optometrists Reference Group

College vacancy Part-time Volunteer Apply by 23 August 2022

We are looking for members who have qualified within the last two years to join our reference group.

This group will act as representatives for newly qualified optometrists. When relevant, members will help to incorporate their views into the College's work, for example, they might be asked to review a specific document, or take part in a relevant discussion.

This group of volunteers will:

  • actively promote the College to other newly qualified optometrists and to inform, inspire, engage and influence other newly qualified optometrists to follow College activity
  • assist with the College’s support for newly qualified optometrists by commenting on new ideas and work
  • help to promote College events.

We will ask members of the group for their input and comments via email, with an opportunity for representatives to meet once a year either virtually or in person, depending on preference.

Members of the group will be paid travel and subsistence expenses when attending meetings in person, in line with College Standing Orders in force at the time. 

The term of office is two years, up to a maximum of four years post qualification. Volunteer members should have been qualified within the past one to two years at the time of appointment.

Contact details

Catherine Bithell
Closing date for application
23 August 2022
How to apply
If you are interested in joining this group, please complete the form below.

If you have any queries, please contact Catherine Bithell. 

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(Please include postcode)

1. Please include any relevant experience you believe will assist you in being a volunteer member of the Newly Qualified Optometrists Reference Group, including:

  • good links within other members of the population covered by the Group
  • a good understanding of the role and work of the College
  • an ability to communicate your views clearly and with respect for other people’s views.