Reporting concerns

We want to ensure that if anyone has concerns about things that happen at the College, there is a safe, fair and effective procedure to enable these concerns to be raised.

If you become aware of malpractice, we encourage you to report your concerns to our Chief Executive or Chair of Trustees without fear. We take any form of misconduct seriously and want to help people to raise concerns at an early stage and in the right way. 

Anyone wishing to raise a concern can speak to, email or write to the Chief Executive or the Chair of Trustees. Please say if you want to raise the matter privately so that they can make appropriate arrangements.


Ian Humphreys, Chief Executive

Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, Chair of Trustees

The College of Optometrists
42 Craven Street

Tel: 020 7839 6000

The College of Optometrists is a charity registered in England (No. 1060431) and our work is regulated by the Charity Commission. If you have any concerns about our work that you would like to bring to the attention of the Charity Commission they can be contacted through their website.