Find out what an optometrist does, and what you need to do get qualified into the profession. 

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The Scheme for Registration (SFR) enables optometry graduates to develop their knowledge and skills in the workplace. Trainees are supervised and assessed before completing the final assessment (OCSE) in order to qualify as an optometrist.

Looking for a varied and rewarding career in health care? Take a closer look at optometry!

The College supports your professional development from the time you start university and throughout your career in optometry.

Information for non-UK residents who would like to study optometry in the UK.

The latest news, information and analysis on the GOC’s Education and Training Requirements (ETR).

SPOKE was commissioned by the GOC to facilitate knowledge-led collaborations within the optical sector to support programme leaders and academic faculty in their design of qualifications that meet the GOC's updated requirements for qualification approval.

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