Clinical guidance

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Our expert advisers provide friendly, confidential advice to inform your decision making in practice or in your professional career.

Our Clinical Advisers are here to help you with the professional, clinical and ethical issues that you may encounter every day in practice. We share queries, based on the ones our Clinical Advisers have received, for you to use to challenge your knowledge and skills.

The College’s Clinical Management Guidelines (CMGs) enable optometrists to make evidence-based clinical decisions on the diagnosis and treatment of 60 common and rare eye conditions that present in practice.

Ethical scenarios bring the Guidance for Professional Practice to life, and challenge your decision making skills in a range of situations that you could come across in practice. They also provide expert guidance from our clinical advisers.

The College’s Guidance for Professional Practice is the essential reference for optometrists in all work environments. It provides the support and guidance they need to make the right clinical and professional decisions in a range of situations, and to put their patient’s interests first.

Additional guidance for members with an independent prescribing qualification.

The College’s Optometrists' Formulary is an essential resource for IP optometrists. It is available exclusively to College members, and provides prescribing information on drugs currently available to treat eye conditions.

Our position statements ensure that eye care professionals are updated on the issues affecting their practice and their patients, and enable them to make informed decisions.

Additional guidance for members which will be useful in practice.

Our regularly reviewed information sheets analyse and summarise the evidence for current opinion and recommendations on optometric practice, and the diagnosis and management of a range of key eye conditions.