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What's in the latest issue of OPO?

OPO is published six times a year. Here are some highlights from the March 2024 issue of OPO.

Shifting landscapes: The environmental impact of urbanisation on childhood myopia, obesity and diabetes

Harrington (2023)

This editorial explores how optometrists play a pivotal community role in providing myopia management technologies and recommending evidence-based behavioural modifications in promoting outdoor activities and nutritional advice to support ocular health.

Myopia progression patterns among paediatric patients in a clinical setting

Moore et al (2023)

This retrospective analysis of electronic medical record (EMR) data investigated the natural history of myopic progression in children from optometric practices in Ireland. Myopia progression was highest in children aged 7 years and progressively slowed with increasing age. Female sex, a more myopic SER at baseline and younger age were all found to be predictive of faster myopic progression.

Red light instruments for myopia exceed safety limits

Ostrin & Schill (2024)

This study aimed to characterise the output and determine the thermal and photochemical maximum permissible exposure of low-level red light therapy devices for myopia control. Two LLRL devices, a Sky-n1201a and a Future Vision were examined. For both of the devices evaluated here, 3 minutes of continuous viewing approached or surpassed the MPE, putting the retina at risk of photochemical and thermal damage.

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