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What's in the latest issue of OPO?

OPO is published six times a year. Here are some highlights from the June 2024 issue of OPO.

On-eye centration of soft contact lenses

Walther et al. (2024)

This study of 110 subjects evaluates the positioning of modern contact lenses in relation to the limbus/cornea and the pupil. Accounting for mirror symmetric optical anatomy and mechanical properties of SCLs, the study finds that non-stabilised contact lenses are often well-centred on the cornea/limbus, but decentralised relative to the pupil centre which may have important treatment considerations.

The association between participant-reported ratings of comfort, dryness, and vision quality in soft contact lens wearers

Richards et al. (2024)

Despite modernisation of contact lens technology contact lens dropout rates remain around 20%, this study considers the importance of both vision correction and comfort. The project quantifies the association between participant ratings while accounting for both participant- and lens-specific factors. 

Refitting contact lens dropouts into a modern daily disposable contact lens

Lievens et al. (2024)

This study reaffirms that CL dropouts can successfully resume CL wear. Patients who have previously dropped out of wearing contact lenses due to discomfort and/or dryness can be successfully reintroduced, re-educated and refitted with daily disposable CLs and lenses made of delefilcon A.

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