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Clinical files: What impact should a patient's home genetics test have on my clinical decision-making?

Clinical files: Is it possible to offer myopia management to myopic patients who attend my practice using their external prescription for dispensing?

Clinical files: Do I have to refer an asymptomatic patient with a small pigment epithelial detachment (PED)?

Clinical files: What clinical waste bins do I need to comply with the regulations while recycling as much as possible?

Clinical files: Is it appropriate for me to treat steroid-related rises in IOP where the steroid was originally used for managing anterior uveitis, even though I do not have any additional glaucoma qualifications?

Clinical files: A patient attending our practice is refusing to see my colleague because of their ethnicity, Should I book them into see me instead?

Clinical files: Can I routinely use an OCT instead of a visual field test for detecting chronic COAG?

Clinical files: When prescribing, supplying, or administering medications, should I always ask female patients whether they are pregnant?

Clinical files: What defines workplace bullying and harassment and what steps can be taken to provide a resolution.

Clinical files: Patient diagnosed with bilateral glaucoma with a visual field defect, do they need to notify the DVLA (or DVA)?

Clinical files: Can I prescribe and supply cyclopentolate to patients affected by uveitis?

Clinical files: Can I supply prescription only medicines to my patients from my practice?

Clinical Files: A patient has submitted a complaint against me to the GOC for missing a retinal detachment. What happens next and what do I need to do?

Clinical Files: Is it acceptable to turn away a child for a sight test if you don't feel you have the experience or right equipment?

Clinical files: As an IP optometrist, am I able to prescribe medicines for family members who attend the practice with an acute eye condition?

Clinical files: Who can sign for a copy of a prescription if the original locum no longer works at our practice?

Clinical Files: My practice offers overlays and tinted lenses for visual stress. How can I publicise the service and can I claim it is a treatment for dyslexia?

Clinical Files: What steps should I take to ensure my practice remains open to provide eye care safely and protect my staff, while we are in the green phase?

Clinical Files: What can I do to make a sight test as accessible as I can to an autistic child?

Clinical Files: Is it sufficient to undertake non-invasive measures of anterior chamber depth to determine whether my patient is a primary angle closure suspect?

Clinical Files: Do I need to offer patients a choice every time I make a referral?

Clinical Files: Do I have to complete a new sight test, even though they are within their recall period?

Clinical Files: Do I need to complete a new eye examination every time I complete a report or occupational form?

Clinical files: As an IP optometrist can I prescribe medicine is not listed in the College’s Optometrists Formulary?

Clinical files: Should I refuse to provide ongoing care to a person who has poor contact lens compliance?

Clinical files: A patient has made an offensive comment to an optometrist colleague, am I now obliged to see them for their sight test?

Clinical files: Should I perform a dilated assessment on a person during pregnancy?

Clinical files: As a non-prescribing optometrist how can I supply chloramphenicol to my patient for prophylaxis?

Clinical files: How should I assess whether a patient has the capacity to consent?

Clinical files: Should I prescribe chloramphenicol for children under two years old

Clinical files: Can I supply contact lenses to an expired specification when a person is anxious about visiting the ophthalmic practice due to COVID-19?

Clinical files: Can I prescribe medication for a different use than it is licensed for?

Clinical files: Am I allowed share anonymised OCT and fundus images on professional forums and WhatsApp groups, and what level of patient consent is required?

Clinical files: Do I need to follow-up on patients with posterior vitreous detachment?

Clinical files: Do I need to wear a face mask in the staff room?

Clinical files: Can my visually impaired patient get TV licence support?

Clinical files: How can I safely use a visual field machine during the recovery phase of the pandemic?

Clinical files: A patient refuses to wear a face covering when attending a primary care practice for a sight test. What should I do?

Clinical files: What should I do if a patient phones the practice noticing flashes and/or floaters?

Clinical files: Can I prescribe a prescription-only medicine based on my findings and working diagnosis from a remote consultation?

Clinical files: Should I measure intra-ocular pressure pre and post dilation on every patient that I perform a dilation on?

Clinical files: Can I see a patient for a sight test before they are due for a routine examination?

Clinical files: The local glaucoma service called the practice and requested a patient’s historic intraocular pressure results. Can I give these out over the phone?

Clinical files: I am keen to start offering my patients a myopia management intervention using atropine. Can I prescribe 0.01% atropine?

Clinical files: My patient is overwearing their contact lenses and refusing spectacles. What should I do?

Clinical files: A patient with a family history of glaucoma refuses to let you look inside her eyes, despite needing a new pair of glasses. What should you do?

Clinical files: A group 2 driver has been referred to you for a VA check - should you do a full sight test?

Clinical files: Can you use fluorescein to check for staining on a pregnant woman?

Clinical files: I have been told to perform IOP measurement on all patients under 16. What should I do?

Clinical files: Dispensing enquiry - what would you do?

Clinical files: I think my patient has keratitis. How quickly should I refer them?

Clinical files: My elderly patient may attempt suicide after finding out they no longer meet the driving vision standard, what should I do?

Clinical files: A patient misses an aftercare appointment but urgently needs contact lenses while overseas, what should you do?

Clinical files: A patient refuses treatment, what should you do?

Clinical files: You have an abusive patient, what should you do?

Clinical files: Can you carry out a sight test without parental consent?