Clinical files

Clinical files: Can I prescribe medicines for intravitreal injection for the management of wet AMD patients?

Clinical files: I am a locum optometrist who has been working at a practice while the resident is on holiday. It is my last day at the practice, and I have a patient who needs a repeat visual fields test but declined to complete it on the same day. What should I do?

Clinical files: What impact should a patient's home genetics test have on my clinical decision-making?

Clinical files: Is it possible to offer myopia management to myopic patients who attend my practice using their external prescription for dispensing?

Clinical files: Do I have to refer an asymptomatic patient with a small pigment epithelial detachment (PED)?

Clinical files: What clinical waste bins do I need to comply with the regulations while recycling as much as possible?

Clinical files: Is it appropriate for me to treat steroid-related rises in IOP where the steroid was originally used for managing anterior uveitis, even though I do not have any additional glaucoma qualifications?

Clinical files: A patient attending our practice is refusing to see my colleague because of their ethnicity, Should I book them into see me instead?

Clinical files: Can I routinely use an OCT instead of a visual field test for detecting chronic COAG?

Clinical files: When prescribing, supplying, or administering medications, should I always ask female patients whether they are pregnant?

Clinical files: What defines workplace bullying and harassment and what steps can be taken to provide a resolution.

Clinical files: Patient diagnosed with bilateral glaucoma with a visual field defect, do they need to notify the DVLA (or DVA)?