Your career starts now

Once you’ve qualified, there are all sorts of opportunities and roles within optometry. You could be working in a high street optometrists or a hospital clinic, or carrying out essential research in a university or laboratory. If you have the right skills, you could work all over the world, or even run own business.

Most optometrists work on the high street, carrying out eye examinations on patients of all ages with varying conditions.

Working in a hospital or community ophthalmology means you deliver secondary care to patients in clinics.

Working as a locum or portfolio optometrist gives you variety and flexibility.

A university-based optometrists or jobs in research can be varied and help to shape the profession.

Optometrists in this sector may be providing eye care, or offering holistic support to patients who have a range of health needs.

A domiciliary optometrist will deliver eye care either to patients in their own homes or in care homes.