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Maintaining and improving your professional skills and knowledge is essential for providing high quality care for patients and raising professional standards. The College provides the support you need at every stage of your career. We can help you plan and undertake continuing professional development (CPD) activities to gain your all-important points and achieve your full potential.

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The GOC's continuing professional development (CPD) scheme awards its registrants points for doing activities which improve their practice and develop their skills. Optometrists must complete all GOC CPD requirements in order to remain on the GOC register.

Use our online resources and materials to support your continuing professional development and earn essential CPD points.

Discussing real life case studies is a great way to learn from each other’s experiences, improve your communication and decision-making skills, and gain CPD points. You can join a College-facilitated peer review, or arrange your own peer discussion using our resources.

High quality video and audio learning with CPD points for all fully qualified optometrists.

Discover our journals

Acuity is our award winning professional development journal. It’s available in printed and digital formats and packed with news and analysis from across your profession, and CPD articles to help you stay ahead in your career.

The College of Optometrists’ research journal, OPO, has been the world’s top ranked optometry since 2014.

Optometry in Practice (OiP), the College’s quarterly CPD journal, covers the latest research, analysis and opinion from your profession, and provides up to 4 CPD points.