Patient leaflets and resources

Our range of patient resources help our members to provide the highest standards of patient care. The eye care information we provide includes user-friendly patient leaflets and info sheets explaining common eye conditions, topics and clinical procedures, and activity sheets and colourful stickers for young children. You can view examples of these below. 

  • Patient materials are free of charge to UK-based practising members.
  • Overseas members may place an order, but will be asked to cover the cost of the postage. We will come back to you with a quote.
  • You cannot order leaflets if you have not paid your current membership fee or are a non-practising member. Check your membership if you cannot get access.

Our patient materials

  • Patient leaflets on blepharitis; cataracts; contact lenses; dry eye leaflet; flashes and floaters; glaucoma; AMD; myopia and myopia management; and more
  • Patient information tear-off pads including: Amsler chart; angle closure glaucoma; instillation of eye drops; diagram of the eye
  • Material for children including stickers and activity sheets
  • Fact sheets on anterior eye; buying contact lenses online; drusen and early AMD; nutrition; the Lantern Test; orthokeratology; using eye drops; and more
  • Posters including development of children's eyes; hay fever; pollen; winter eye health
  • Patient videos including ‘how to’ videos; ‘all about your eyes’ - short videos on various eye conditions; and more.

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