Fellowship by Portfolio

Fellowship by Portfolio recognises excellence and innovation in the workplace, and how individual members have benefitted and advanced their profession. Members submit evidence of their accomplishments in one of a number of categories, to be assessed by their peers. 

How to become Fellow by Portfolio

Before you get started, you should read the Fellowship Guidance, which will support you through the process.

Step one

Firstly, we need to check that you are eligible. Download and complete the Registration Form, and submit it to the College along with a completed Declaration of Complaint form (if appropriate) and the registration fee of £75.00.

Step two

If your registration is successful, you can collect your evidence to support your achievements in your chosen category, and select your referees.

Step three

Collect and submit your evidence via the Application Form, along with a completed Referee Declaration Form, to the College. 

Step four

Your application and evidence will be assessed by a panel of independent assessors, who will then advise if you have achieved the award.

If successful, you will be invited to the College’s annual Diploma Ceremony to collect your award and will be able to use the prestigious FCOptom affix. 

  • Mr Irfan Mikail Ahmed FCOptom
  • Professor Peter Allen FCOptom
  • Mr Richard James Allen FCOptom
  • Professor Roger Anderson FCOptom
  • Mr Pradeep Kumar Bahri FCOptom
  • Dr Stefan Bandlitz FCOptom
  • Mr Nik Banurji FCOptom
  • Dr Ian Beasley FCOptom
  • Mr David Berkow FCOptom
  • Dr Susan Blakeney FCOptom
  • Dr Dirk Booysen FCOptom
  • Mr Andy Britton FCOptom
  • Dr Salvator Camilleri FCOptom
  • Mr Matthew Chan FCOptom
  • Dr De Gaulle Igbodiegwu Chigbu FCOptom
  • Dr Adrian Chorley FCOptom
  • Mrs Caroline Louise Christie FCOptom
  • Mr Neil Constantine-Smith FCOptom
  • Mr Colin Davidson FCOptom
  • Professor Leon Davies FCOptom
  • Mr Christian Dutton FCOptom
  • Dr Frank Eperjesi FCOptom
  • Professor Bruce John William Evans FCOptom
  • Dr Peter Frampton FCOptom
  • Mr Gavin Galloway FCOptom
  • Mr Peter Charles Garwood FCOptom
  • Professor Alexander Gentle FCOptom
  • Dr George Anthony Gibson FCOptom
  • Dr John Gurney FCOptom
  • Mr Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom
  • Dr Deacon Harle FCOptom
  • Mrs Sophie Jane Harper FCOptom
  • Dr Michelle Hennelly FCOptom
  • Mr Michael Horler FCOptom
  • Miss Heather Deborah Jameson FCOptom
  • Dr Anish Jindal FCOptom
  • Dr Saleel Jivraj FCOptom
  • Dr Michael Edward Johnson FCOptom
  • Dr Jasleen Kaur Jolly FCOptom
  • Mrs Deborah Annette Jones FCOptom
  • Dr Lyndon William James Jones FCOptom
  • Mr Rakesh Kapoor FCOptom
  • Mrs Jane Helen Kempton FCOptom
  • Mr Robert Keys FCOptom
  • Dr Keziah Latham FCOptom
  • Mr Alexander Levit FCOptom
  • Mr Robert Michael Trevor Linsky FCOptom
  • Mr Robert Longhurst FCOptom
  • Mrs Rupal Lovell-Patel FCOptom
  • Dr Scott Mackie FCOptom
  • Miss Jane Macnaughton FCOptom
  • Dr Ganeshbabu Thiruchengode Mahalingam FCOptom
  • Mr Andrew Charles Matheson FCOptom
  • Miss Janice McCrudden FCOptom
  • Mr Andrew Millington FCOptom
  • Dr Andrew James Morgan FCOptom
  • Miss Priya Morjaria FCOptom
  • Professor Paul Murphy FCOptom
  • Dr Joy Myint FCOptom
  • Dr Shehzad Naroo FCOptom
  • Dr Yvonne Norgett FCOptom
  • Mr Martin O'Brien FCOptom
  • Mr Michael O’Kane FCOptom
  • Dr Keyur Patel FCOptom
  • Mrs Hazel Gillian Pearson FCOptom
  • Dr Catherine Porter FCOptom
  • Mr Ceri Probert FCOptom
  • Mr Russell John Ramsden FCOptom
  • Professor Nicholas James Rumney FCOptom
  • Professor Kathryn Saunders FCOptom
  • Dr Rakhee Shah FCOptom
  • Mr Ahmed Sivardeen FCOptom
  • Mr Andrew John Elder Smith FCOptom
  • Miss Karen Sparrow FCOptom
  • Mr Christopher Frank Steele FCOptom
  • Dr Ahalya Subramanian FCOptom
  • Mr John Graham Tickner FCOptom
  • Mr Michael Timlin FCOptom
  • Mr Trevor Warburton FCOptom
  • Mrs Barbara Joan Watson FCOptom
  • Ms Lynne Alison Weddell FCOptom
  • Mrs Alison Janet Weston FCOptom
  • Mrs Una Whitcombe FCOptom
  • Mr Don Williams FCOptom
  • Mr David Wilson FCOptom
  • Professor James Wolffsohn FCOptom

Life and Honorary Fellowship

Each year the College recognises the outstanding achievements of individuals who have made an important contribution to the profession of optometry, through the awarding of Life and Honorary Fellowship of the College.