Clinical advisers

As a member, you gain exclusive access to our clinical advisers. They are highly experienced practitioners who are available to answer your clinical or professional questions by phone, email or web form. Our expert advisers provide friendly, confidential advice to help inform your decision-making.

You can contact us on a wide range of situations and issues that arise in practice – for example, a patient with low vision who won’t stop driving, or a colleague who is not performing a dilated examination where clinically required. Our eye care experts can also provide feedback, reassurance and advice.

The College’s clinical advisers 

All of our clinical advisers are experienced practising optometrists who work in a wide range of settings and clinical areas, each with their area of clinical and policy expertise. 

Our eye care experts are responsible for defining good practices across the UK and provide the tools and expert advice to help you solve clinical challenges and enable you to practice confidently at your best. The Clinical advice team has extensive experience in writing optometric guidance and professional development content on clinical, professional, and ethical issues.

Daniel Hardiman-McCartney MBE FCOptom Higher Cert Glauc

Clinical Adviser

Daniel is one of our clinical advisers for four days each week, dividing the remainder of his time between primary care optometry and community glaucoma clinics in East Anglia. He is a passionate advocate of the profession, committed to supporting all practitioners and ensuring that patient care is always at the heart of optometry. He has helped lead the sector’s response to the pandemic and has made many national media appearances discussing the importance of good eye health and the vital role of optometry in primary care.

Dr Paramdeep Bilkhu MCOptom DipTp(IP)

Clinical Adviser

Paramdeep is one of our clinical advisers for three days each week, working in primary care practice and urgent eye care services as a therapeutic optometrist for the remainder of his time in the West Midlands. He is keen to expand and enhance the roles of optometrists in delivering clinical and therapeutic care. He also holds a visiting Research Fellowship at Aston University. He is our independent prescribing lead adviser, leads our myopia management guidance and evidence review and is one of our expert spokespeople.

Denise Voon MCOptom Prof Cert Med Ret

Clinical Adviser

Denise is one of our clinical advisers for three days each week. She spent most of her career in the hospital eye service as a principal optometrist and is currently an optometric adviser to the GOC and domiciliary optometrist. Particularly interested in medical retina, specifically age-related macular degeneration and producing resources to help support people effected by visual impairment to maintain their independence. Denise is one of our expert spokespeople.

Contact the clinical advisers 

You may find your issue among the FAQs compiled by the clinical advisers, so login to view them below, before you email or phone. 

Members can contact the clinical advisors during office hours by contacting our clinical advisers or calling 020 3488 6748. You will be asked for your College member number.

All advice is based on our Guidance for Professional Practice and current legislation and regulations, and strictly confidential. We will keep a record of all emails and calls to the clinical advisers for training and monitoring purposes, or in case we need to get back to the enquirer, or if an issue occurs subsequently. We advise that you also keep records in case you need them at a later date. 

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