We are the professional body for optometrists

  • We champion optometrists and the importance of their role in the health care sector.
  • We define good practice for optometrists in clinical environments, and provide the tools and expert advice to enable them to achieve it.
  • We enable optometrists to acquire new knowledge, skills and recognised qualifications so that they fulfil their potential and progress in their careers.
  • We support optical research and innovation that supports and advances the profession.
  • We educate and advise the public on eye health care and the role of the optometrist.

Our vision

Optometrists at the forefront of better eye health and vision for all.

Our purpose

We inspire and support optometrists to excel in the provision of eye health care, always for the benefit of patients. We achieve this through:

  • Promoting lifelong learning and career advancement
  • Effectively amplifying the expert voice of optometrists
  • Defining and supporting good clinical practice.

Royal Charter and Bye-Laws