This recorded webinar delivered by Suzanne Fraser MCOptom and Cathy Williams will help you understand how to assess a child with learning difficulties and the process of taking a relevant history.

Accredited Level 2 course, introducing pre-registration trainees to the key issues they need to be aware of when working with children.

This recorded keynote lecture by Dr Rowan Candy MCOptom focused on young children who are at risk for strabismus and amblyopia. Dr Candy reviews the refractive and ocular motor development of infants and pre-schoolers in the context of clinical assessment and care.

Professor Ed Mallen MCOptom discusses the findings from the part College-funded Northern Ireland Childhood Errors of Refraction (NICER) Study and how it can help you talk to children at risk of myopia and their parents.

In this recorded lecture, Professor Bruce Evans FCOptom highlights the role of practitioners in providing eye care for children and aims to improve members' confidence in managing these cases whilst stressing the need for practitioners to be aware of their limitations.

This online course covers the paediatric clinic portion of the pre-reg Hospital Eye Service experience.

This online course for optometrists covers aspects of myopia and risk factors for progression in children.

Eye health issues that are making the news - Spring 2023.

This online CPD course follows an optometrist while they examine four children of differing ages being managed in practice for a variety of binocular vision anomalies.

The Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning has written to NHS England urging them to commission a School Eye Care Service for children with special needs.

Podcast: College clinical adviser Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom MBE talks to optometrist Bhavin Shah MCOptom MBABO FBCLA about managing patients with dyslexia.

Clinical Files: Is it acceptable to turn away a child for a sight test if you don't feel you have the experience or right equipment?