Clinical Learning in Practice (CLiP)

CLiP is the College’s placement programme which is part of the new master’s degrees in optometry. 

The programme has been developed and led by the College. It has been shaped by extensive sector consultation to meet the needs of future students and the universities and employers. 

CLiP placements will provide 44 of the 48 weeks of patient-facing experience which students must complete, under the new GOC Education and Training Requirements (ETR). The College will be facilitating, supporting and quality-assuring CLiP placements and assessing students in the workplace on behalf of our university partners. 

This will all be supported and monitored through the CLiP Portal.

The new college placement programme for optometry master's degrees

Information for potential CLiP placement employers, including the employer handbook

Key information on supervision arrangements, roles and requirements

Work-based learning and assessment programme for optometry master’s degree students

We explain everything you need to know about the new route to qualification

Why the Education and Training Requirements are being introduced

CLiP development and introduction

March 2021College starts consultation process with the sector following publication of the GOC’s Education and Training Requirements 
May 2023College announces its partnership with 12 universities to include CLiP as part of their master’s degrees 
September 2023

Students start the first master’s degrees designed to meet the GOC’s Education and Training Requirements

Other degrees starting at this time are still based on the existing Handbook, leading to the Scheme for Registration

March 2024The College’s CLiP Portal launches for university and student use
June 2024

Students on the new master’s degree programmes can start professional formation courses and sessions with the College

Supervisors can access new training content

September 2024Second phase of CLiP Portal development goes live, introducing the placement facilitation tools for employers
December 2024Students can view available applications for work-based learning placements and start preparing applications
February 2025Students submit applications and employers can start to interview and make offers
September 2025First College facilitated placements commence, and CLiP assessments start with individual universities
July 2026Most students on degrees incorporating CLiP start their placement