The new qualification process - ETR

New qualification requirements for optometrists and dispensing opticians will start to be introduced this year. The College is working with partners in the sector to help deliver work-based learning under the new Education and Training Requirements (ETR).   

The current Scheme for Registration will continue but will be phased out over time. Going forward, the College will work in partnership with a number of UK Universities to deliver work-based placement experiences as part of their master’s degrees. Our programme for delivering placements on the new degree programmes will be called Clinical Learning in Practice (CLiP).

The new requirements for students qualifying as optometrists

The new college placement programme for optometry master's degrees

Why the Education and Training Requirements are being introduced

We explain everything you need to know about the new route to qualification.

ETR timeline

October 2022First ETR degrees available for UCAS applicants
October 2023Students start the first Optometry degrees designed to meet ETR requirements
Some degrees starting at this time will still be based on the existing Handbook, leading to the Scheme for Registration
April 2024Students on the new Optometry degree programmes are able to take the ‘Preparing for CLiP’ course and assessment from this date
November 2024Students can view available applications for work-based learning placements and start preparing applications
February 2025Students submit applications and employers can start to interview and make offers
February 2026First College facilitated placements commence, and first CLiP assessments start