Driving and vision

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Podcast: College Clinical Adviser Denise Voon MCOptom speaks to Mike Bowen, Director of Knowledge and Research at the College about the current research regarding LED headlights.


Guidance for optometrists on examining patience who drive.

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The clinical figures that count.

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The College is supporting a major new road safety campaign called ‘Is Your Vision Roadworthy’.

In the second part of our series looking at the impact of ageing, Léa Suruge asks how to support older patients whose quality of life has been affected by age-related eye disease, and reviews the treatments available.

The College led the development of an independent report funded under the Department for Transport’s Road Safety for Older Road Users Research funding stream. 

The latest edition of Acuity, the College’s professional journal, is now available in print and online.

The College’s Clinical Editor, Jane Veys MCOptom, on rabbits in the headlights and royally good handovers

Becky McCall looks at headlight dazzle on the roads, and why complaints about glare to optometrists are rising.

The College of Optometrists recently became aware of an updated list of notifiable ocular conditions that drivers must declare to the DVLA.

Incredible side-by-side photos show the true impact common eye conditions, such as cataracts and short-sightedness, have on obstructing drivers’ vision

The College of Optometrists is encouraging drivers to consider their eyesight when driving.

The College responds to DVLA's consultation on amending the Road Traffic Act 1988 to allow registered healthcare professionals to complete DVLA medical questionnaires.

Podcast: Find out about Dr Joanne Wood's latest research on how “Refractive Blur Affects Judgement of Pedestrian Walking Direction at Night” and our latest campaign - Focus on Life.

A snapshot of driver attitudes to requiring a vision check undertaken in a sample of 100 consecutive patients in optometry practice who held a driving licence.