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Certification of people as visually impaired, including the benefits of certification, and links to guidance notes [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Research has shown that depression is common in people with visual impairment. See Nollett CL, Bray N, Bunce C, et al. Depression in visual impairment trial (DEPVIT): a randomised clinical trial of depression treatments in people with low vision. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2016;57:4247-4254

Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning (2018) Low Vision, Habilitation and Rehabilitation Framework for Adults and Children [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

The College of Optometrists higher qualifications in low vision [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

The College of Optometrists and Royal College of Ophthalmologists (2013) Commissioning Better Eye Care: Adults with low vision [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Diabetes UK [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Guide Dogs [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Glaucoma UK [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Look [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Macular Society [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

NHS England guides to help staff support people with access needs [Accessed 1 Nov 2023].

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2013) Falls in Older People: Assessing Risk and Prevention. Clinical guideline 161. London: NICE [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Partially Sighted Society [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

RNIB [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Ryan B, Woodhouse M, Sinclair A (2009) Low Vision, the Essential Guide for Optometrists. Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and The College of Optometrists [Accessed 1 Nov 2023] 

Visionary [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Wales Eye Care Services. LVSW-Low Vision [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]