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Key points

  • You must supervise unregistered persons in the sale of spectacles and other optical appliances to people in restricted groups.
  • You must be on the premises at key stages of supervised sale and supply.
  • You should make sure that the spectacles you supply meet the patient’s needs.
  • You must communicate clearly with the patient about the purpose, use and maintenance of their spectacles.
  • You must make arrangements for patients to receive aftercare as far as and for as long as is reasonable.
  • Requirements for sale and supply when the patient is not present are the same as face-to-face sale and supply.
  • You should only make up spectacles using prescriptions that are more than two years old if it is in the patient’s best interests to do so.
  • Patients have a right to take their prescriptions elsewhere.
This Guidance does not change what you must do under the law.