In-practice guidance and forms

The information on this page provides you with information on requirements, additional guidance and forms that will be useful to you in practice.

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COVID-19 guidance and forms

COVID-19: Updates, guidance, information and resources

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of optometrists and eye health professionals have come to rely on the College website for the latest information and updates impacting their profession and the guidance, training and resources they need to deliver safe and effective eye care.

Other guidance and forms

Use of your personal information

Dementia and the eye examination

Guidance notes for the lighting of optometric practices

Guidance on the disposal of waste

Statutory cooling off periods

Fluorets and minims fluorescein

Emergency triage protocol

Guidelines for practice staff on how to deal with patients with acute eye problems.

Wet AMD - electronic referral form

This form is intended for use by optometrists and general practitioners. It is based on the work of the Thames Valley Macular Group.

Contact Lens Specification Form

In response to requests from our Members, the College has designed a sample contact lens specification form which Members may like to use for their patients.