Patient factsheets

Members can download information sheets covering range of topics and conditions to distribute to their patients.

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Our growing range of patient information sheets is designed to help your patients understand different topics and conditions. They have been written by clinical experts in a clear, informative way, making the information featured accessible for patients.

The following information sheets are available for College members to download, print and share with patients as required:


Patient factsheet - Buying contact lenses online

This factsheet outlines what patients need to take into account when buying contact lenses online.

Patient factsheet - Solar eclipse

A fact sheet for your patients on how to protect their eyes when watching a solar eclipse.

Patient factsheet - Drusen and early age-related macular degeneration

Information for your patients on drusen and early age-related macular degeneration, including what they can do to protect their eyes.

Patient factsheet - Pupillary Distance

The Pupillary Distance (PD) is the measurement from the centre of one of your pupils to the centre of the other.

Patient factsheet - Ready made reading glasses `readymades`

This factsheet answers commonly asked questions about 'readymades' or off the shelf glasses.

Patient factsheet - Orthokeratology

This factsheet provides your patients with information on orthokeratology lenses.

Patient factsheet - Refractive error

Information for your patients on long- and short-sightedness.

Patient factsheet - Diagram of the eye

This diagram shows your patients the anatomy of the eye.