Member Code of Conduct

All of our members sign up to the following code of conduct, which outlines our expectations for professionalism, good practice and prioritising patient care.

  1. Exercise your professional judgement and use your professional skills to the best of your ability.
  2. Discharge your professional responsibilities with integrity, considering and acting in the public interest when appropriate.
  3. Be an example of good practice to your colleagues.
  4. Do all in your power to ensure that your professional activities do not put the health and safety of others at risk.
  5. Never engage in any corrupt or unethical practice.
  6. Never engage in any activity that will impair the dignity and reputation of the College, fellow members or the optometric profession.
  7. Observe the College’s values when dealing with College employees, fellow members, your colleagues and patients. 

Our values 

  • We act with integrity and transparency
  • We listen and we learn
  • We demonstrate respect and professionalism
  • We achieve high quality
  • We champion equality, diversity and inclusion

Making a complaint about a College member

If you feel that a College member has broken the Code of Conduct, or you have any other complaint against a College member, you should write to the Chief Executive, advising the identity of the member and providing an account of the facts alleged against them. The Chief Executive can inform you of the complaints procedure and determine the appropriate course of action.

Ian Humphreys
Chief Executive 
The College of Optometrists
42 Craven St 
London WC2N 5NG 


Code of Conduct procedure